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Eco Snoopers - 3 ways Purse / Smile a lot Bear

Eco Snoopers - 3 ways Purse / Smile a lot Bear

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  • Eco Snoopers teach children learn that their relationship to people of varying backgrounds – culturally and environmentally
  • Purse Can be worn 3 Ways - A) Over The Shoulder B) On The Waist C) Attached To Belt
  • Eco Snoopers are edgy with a puckish cartoon quality
  • They are infinitely cuddly and wholly whimsical
  • They’re symmetrically-askew 
  • They burst with color
  • They’re a patchwork of patterns and fabrics
  • Made with Inks, paper and fabrics that were tested and reviewed, and months of research was conducted on varying types of recyclable materials
  • Age Range: pre-school to emerging tweens

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