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Kalencom - Petey Potette Set - w/Red Potette

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The Mr. Petey Potette Potty Training Kit is everything your child needs to use the potty with confidence! Our award winning 2-in-1 Potette Plus can be used as a standalone training potty, as well as over any toilet bowl, for potty training at home and on the go using our bio degradable absorbent leak tested liners.  The included hard cover magical adventure book and Mr. Petey Potette Training Companion are the perfect items to change the way your child learns to use the potty! Mr. Petey is your child’s best buddy whenever they suddenly need to go potty. He is a fantastic friend you can count on to keep you company. This Magical little fellow arrives just in time to help Children conquer their potty training fears and put down diapers once and for all! With Petey nearby, everyone suddenly benefits from the comfort he offers, the patience he displays and the security he stands for. When you gotta go potty, call Petey!

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